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Hip hop cd rest

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Chilled Hip Hop (CD / Album)

2016 three CD set. Ministry of Sounds gonna take em back! And, if you can kick it, weve got the ultimate hazy-lazy summer day soundtrack to give you that laid back, Venice Beach, car-cruising feeli

Maasai Hip Hop (X Plastaz) (CD / Album)

Only a little music has found its way out of East Africa in the past years. Almost unnoticed from the rest of the world a new generation of musicians has created its own style. Their mix of hip hop

Hip Hop Anthems (CD / Box Set)

2014 three CD set. LATEST GREATEST HIP HOP ANTHEMS is a definitive set featuring 60 of the hottest Hip Hop anthems of all time. Hip Hop culture evolved into a multi-million industry and featured her

Street Hype Hip-Hop (Dedre) (CD)

This C D is Comprised of Mad Flavour Excitement with a Hip - Hop Groove.

Hybrid Hip-Hop (Mr. Eco) (CD)

Brett Mr. Eco Edwards believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. He has combined his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an env

Hip Hop N Roll (Pages) (CD)

Born and raised in Miami, the seven piece band consist of two guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a DJ and two MCS . Their music is a multicultural combination delivering a genuine sound that provides l

Love Hip Hop (Various Artists) (CD)

Tracks include Blackstreet No Diggity, Boyz II Men Motownphilly, Heavy D Now That We Found Love, Tony!Toni!Tone! If I Had No Loot, 3rd Bass Pop Goes the Weasel, Zhane Groove Thang, Positiv

Pure... Hip Hop (CD / Box Set)

Each collection features 4 CDs of the greatest artists, the biggest songs and the harder-to-find hits all uniquely themed to a genre.

Elementary Hip Hop (Rodney Raccoon) (CD)

Who is Rodney Raccoon Rodney Raccoon is the new phenomenon of this decade! Sponsored by the Boys Girls Club of South Puget Sound, Rodneys new educational CDs DVDs, bring learning to life with

Hip Hop Frontline (DJ Kay Slay) (CD)

DJ Kay Slay is a legendary personality in the halls of hip hop. Hailing from the Harlem, he first gained notereity with his grafitti skills, having been featured in the now classic film, Style Wars, h

The Hip-Hop Affect (J Rawls) (CD)

Rawls helped launch the independent Hip-Hop explosion of the late 90s by producing Brown Skin Lady and Yo Yeah from Mos Def and Talib Kwelis seminal debut album as Black Star. He went on to ancho