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Grey Space (Horrorshow) (CD)

2009 debut release from the Australian Hip Hop outfit. Rising from Hip Hops tremendous undergrowth, Horrorshow hold the twin talents of style and effortless at their fingertips. Vocalist Solo is equi

Sun Never Sets (The Herd) (CD)

The most critically acclaimed Australian hip hop album of 2005! After two years of touring and consolidating their name amongst the top few hip hop groups in Australia, The Herd release their third an

Animal Rap (Jedi Mind Tricks) (CD)

Jedi Mind Tricks have defined their own niche sub-genre in independent hip-hop. Having collaborated with the best and brightest of the indie hip-hop world, including Gza, Sean Pric, Killah Priest, Koo

Too Stoned for TV / Various (Various Artists) (CD)

Hip Hop and Weed go hand in hand. This DVD is a 60 documentary that explores weed through the world of hip-hop. It follows around some of the most respected names in hip-hop including the Wu-tang Clan

Figureheads (Figureheads) (CD)

Self-Titled Sustainable Hip Hop, Vol. 3, poetically presents a search for beauty, meaning and reality through fresh lyricism, simple storytelling and innovative musical production.

Seareality (Dub B) (CD)

Seareality is the provocative debut album by Seattles leading hip hop artist, Dub B. Seattles hip urban culture is the inspiration igniting much of Dub Bs social commentary evident on this album.

Cosmic Karma (Chyle) (CD)

CHYLE pronounced child is an Atlanta based hip-hopsoul artist whos music is both refreshingly unique and feel good. Chyle delivers a rap-croon like style over soulfuljazzy hip-hop grooves. COSMIC

North Coast Patriarchs (Dan Smith) (CD)

Smith electrifies his audiences with a blend of music and comedy. -Kevin Sites, Yahoo! News Born and raised in Toledo, Dan Southpaw Smith has been a hip-hop head since around the time when hip-hop

E.S.P. (Erick Sermon) (CD)

E.S.P. is the highly anticipated return of the legendary Hip-Hop producer, rapper, actor and songwriter from Long Island. The Green Eyed Bandit will change the culture and image of hip hop again with

Matta Fact Deferred (Matta Fact) (CD)

Corey Turner, known to most as Matta Fact, found his love for hip hop music during the early 1980s. This was the era when the culture and lifestyle of hip hop was inescapable, attractive and magnetic

Cherry Bomb (Tyler, the Creator) (CD)

Highly anticipated 2015 album from the hip hop star. Tyler, The Creator is the leader and co-founder of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future, and he has rapped on and produced songs for nearl

Black Boy Lane (Xym) (CD)

Soulful, conscious hip-hop at its finest and most lyrical.

Love Triangle (Jozi Whalez) (CD)

Listen to these dope tracks. Hip hop from Flint, MI.

Bottom Line (Siccness) (CD)

Physical Copy Of The Album Is Enhanced With The Music Videos For Dear Hip-Hop Hot Sauce

Poesia Difusa (Nach) (CD)

The albums that placed Nach at the epicenter of the Spanish hip hop scene are available again Poes

The Architect (Rob Swift) (CD / Album)

2010 release from world famous DJ Robert Aguilar AKA Rob Swift. Always challenging the idea of what Hip Hop is and testing that notion any chance he can get, on the Architect, Rob takes Hip Hop and ef

Underwater Not Underground (Marv Ellis) (CD)

A new Genre of Hip Hop spawned in the Great North West. Smooth lyrical flows over next-level organic banging beats. A must have album from one of the premire concious hip hop artists out today. Marv E

Compilation 1 (Broken Signal Music) (CD)

Blazing new underground hip hop instrumentals...

Kaos (Adam F) (CD)

A whos who of Hip Hop guests on this including Redman, Lil Mo, LL Cool J, de la Soul.

Magnified (Mint Rock) (CD)

A recipe of streetwise game and pure hip hop, featrues many well-respected underground artists and hard-hitting production.

Hit Em Hard (Young Birdd) (CD)

Theres something new coming from the N.O.! Is the the hip-hop industry ready to be blown over by this up and coming Superstar The young man that is poised to take over New Orleans and hip-hop is You

On a Mission (G-Ism) (CD)

G-Ism have been heralded as one of the NWs most prolific hip-hop duos. With the release of On a Mission, G-Ism established themselves as one of the high-powered forces in NW hip-hop. This album sho

I-A-Dap (Lil' Dap) (CD)

Lil Dap is one of the founding members of legendary hip-hop crew Group Home. Originally cutting his teeth in New York in the late 80s, Dap is a product of the renowned New York golden age of hip hop